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Stoked Climbing

B-2 Stealth

B-2 Stealth

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Size S pictured above.


The sToKed B-2 Stealth, also known as the Stealth Sloper, is an American heavily strategic sloper, featuring low observable slopeness technology designed for penetrating dense anti-slopeness climbers. Designed during pre-pandemic and stayed stealthy all 2020, now it's time to fly. Grab some of our B-2 Stealth's to challenge your setters and stongest of climbers. Let's blow 2021 up!!!


Width is from tip to tip (the two widest tip's) Length is measured from the middle tip to the mid point of the two widest tips. Height is measured from climbing surface to top of volume.



S- 20"x 17.5"x 4.5"

M- 30" 26.5" x 7"

L- 40" x 35" x 9.5"

XL- 50" x 44" x 12"

XXL- 71" x 61.75" x 16.5" 

XXXL- 101" x 88" x 23.75"

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